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FRCEM Critical appraisal and FRCEM SAQ online revision course
Are you preparing for the RCEM exam? Do you want to practice “anywhere anytime”?

Our online course offers:

✔ High speed revision for the FRCEM SAQ and FRCEM critical appraisal exams

✔ Innovative online testing system with immediate feedback answers to the SAQ and critical appraisal questions.

✔ Large question bank

✔ Extensive high-yield study material

✔ Rapid revision in limited time




Critical appraisal

QFRCEM Critical appraisal online course helps you to face your FRCEM exam with confidence. Our team has been successfully running an online critical appraisal course for many years.

Our course offers:

✔ appraisal notes and videos to help you understand the fundamentals of critical appraisal

✔ papers with feedback answers

✔ papers to practice in exam conditions

✔ increasing resource of practice papers



QFRCEM SAQ online course is designed to offer high speed revision with our quality question bank and high yield notes.

Our course offers:

✔Comprehensive study material and high yield notes

✔Question bank based on RCEM curriculum

✔Instant marking and feedback answers to make your revision interactive

✔Mock SAQ exams- to practice in exam conditions

✔Ever increasing resource of study material